Variety of press brakes with up to 20’ between the housings, 24’ die space, 1000 ton, variety of dies
½” x 10’ Plate Roll
Multiple Iron workers
Many mechanical punch presses of various types
Tube Bending: Max Tube: 2.0” x .125 Wall Mild Steel; Max Centerline Radius: 10”; Tube Length Over Mandrel: 8’

Multiple shears with up to ¾” x 12’ and ½” x 20’ on A36 steel

Saw Cutting
Many types of large capacity automatic cut-off saws, up to 20”H x 20”W, band saws, etc.

Plasma Cutting

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  • Multiple hand held plasma
  • CNC Plasma and Oxy fuel burn table:
  • Size: 144”W x 480”L
  • Max Thickness: 4” Mild Steel & SS

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MIG, TIG and Submerged Arc
Over 180 MIG welders
Robotic MIG Welding:
IGM 5 Axis robotic welder – 10’x53’ Gantry
Fanuc 5 Axis robotic welder w/ turntable
CNC Seam welding machines
Cells equipped with turntables and rollers
ASME ‘R’ and ‘U’ Stamp Certified, procedures and personnel certified to AWS and ballistic standards using various weld processes; including: SMAW, GTAW, FCAW, SAW and GMAW
X-ray testing, spot or continuous, available in our plant

Turning Rolls
Multiple Sets - 24,000 lb.

Material Handling and Shipping
Crane Capabilities:

Drive through undecking hoist
Multiple overhead 10 Ton hoists – 58’ span – 20’ hook height
Multiple fork trucks with capacity up to 10 ton



SW&S Partner Companies
Raw coal rotary distributors take water and coal and mixes them into a slurry.

Based on our client’s proposal drawings, the Somerset Welding engineering staff detailed final fabrication prints for production. The rotary distributor was fabricated by certified welders working under a very tight production schedule. An abrasion resistant ceramic liner was installed to extend the life of the unit. A high strength industrial epoxy coating was applied to the outside of the distributor.

The raw coal rotary distributor takes water and coal and mixes it into a slurry that discharges equally through 16 internal chutes and then directs it through 8 flanged pipes.