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At Somerset Welding & Steel, we have extensive experience in hydraulics, welding and fabricating aluminum, steel, stainless, and high hard steels

Somerset Welding & Steel was established in 1958 and began by building steel dump bodies for coal haulers and farmers, the backbone of the economy at that time. Over the years, the company expanded its offerings to include a variety of transportation equipment, certified welding and fabrication services to industries such as mines and quarries, power plants, oil and gas drilling, and general construction. 

Somerset Welding has 3 facilities in Somerset, PA totaling over 342,000 square feet of space and employing over 250 talented and highly experienced people. We are a family-owned business that is committed to satisfying customer needs, producing a high quality product, delivering on time, and improving continuously.

Somerset, Pennsylvania is located approximately 70 miles east of Pittsburgh.

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Raw coal rotary distributors take water and coal and mixes them into a slurry.

Based on our client’s proposal drawings, the Somerset Welding engineering staff detailed final fabrication prints for production. The rotary distributor was fabricated by certified welders working under a very tight production schedule. An abrasion resistant ceramic liner was installed to extend the life of the unit. A high strength industrial epoxy coating was applied to the outside of the distributor.

The raw coal rotary distributor takes water and coal and mixes it into a slurry that discharges equally through 16 internal chutes and then directs it…

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