Variety of press brakes with up to 20’ between the housings, 24’ die space, 1000 ton, variety of dies
½” x 10’ Plate Roll
Multiple Iron workers
Many mechanical punch presses of various types
Tube Bending: Max Tube: 2.0” x .125 Wall Mild Steel; Max Centerline Radius: 10”; Tube Length Over Mandrel: 8’

Multiple shears with up to ¾” x 12’ and ½” x 20’ on A36 steel

Saw Cutting
Many types of large capacity automatic cut-off saws, up to 20”H x 20”W, band saws, etc.

Plasma Cutting

  • Multiple hand held plasma
  • CNC Plasma and Oxy fuel burn table:
  • Size: 144”W x 480”L
  • Max Thickness: 4” Mild Steel & SS


MIG, TIG and Submerged Arc
Over 180 MIG welders
Robotic MIG Welding:
IGM 5 Axis robotic welder – 10’x53’ Gantry
Fanuc 5 Axis robotic welder w/ turntable
CNC Seam welding machines
Cells equipped with turntables and rollers
ASME ‘R’ and ‘U’ Stamp Certified, procedures and personnel certified to AWS and ballistic standards using various weld processes; including: SMAW, GTAW, FCAW, SAW and GMAW
X-ray testing, spot or continuous, available in our plant

Turning Rolls
Multiple Sets – 24,000 lb.

Material Handling and Shipping
Crane Capabilities:

Drive through undecking hoist
Multiple overhead 10 Ton hoists – 58’ span – 20’ hook height
Multiple fork trucks with capacity up to 10 ton

Several hundred mine safety chambers were fabricated for a large mining company.

Somerset Welding & Steel (SWS) was contracted by a company specializing in mine safety, to manufacture and paint the steel vessels for six different models of mine safety chambers.

Once outfitted by our partners, the mine safety chambers provide oxygen, food, water, and safe haven for miners in case of emergency. The walk-in chambers are equipped with air-locks to purge poisonous mine air, prior to entering the main safety chamber.

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