The vision of Somerset Welding & Steel is to be recognized as a world-class solutions provider specializing in certified welding and fabrication, outfitting severe service trucks, designing custom transportation solutions, and partnering with other world-class manufacturers.


To our customers:
Somerset Welding & Steel is committed to achieving the highest level of Customer Satisfaction by developing and providing solutions for their requirements, producing high quality products and services, delivering on time, and striving to improve continuously.

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SW&S Partner Companies
These tube conveyors will be used to transport limestone and gypsum. Click on image to view more photos.

Somerset Welding & Steel (SWS) was contracted by Lincoln Contracting & Equipment (LCE), to manufacture large diameter tube conveyors for conveying limestone and gypsum.

  • Large steel tubes: 26’ – 40’ lengths, 8’ – 14’ diameters
  • Qualified submerged arc welding process
  • X-ray quality welding
  • Adjustable fixtures for superior tolerance and repeatability
  • Large capacity shot blast and paint facilities
  • Capable of meeting stringent quality requirements